Magnetic Stripe Readers

IDSuperShop’s selection of magnetic stripe readers are compact and rugged. All have the ability to read the encoded information on multiple tracks of ID cards to speed up any application for membership or loyalty cards. We carry a variety of blank magnetic stripe ID cards that can be used with our ID card printers and ID card systems. We offer excellent customer service! Give us a call today for personalized assistance, 877-943-7467

Magnetic Stripe Readers
WCR3227-502 Magnetic Stripe ID Card Reader track 2 only black RS232
$189.00 $130.10
Bar Code Readers
WCR3237-633U Barcode ID Card Reader
$369.00 $295.00
Magnetic Stripe Readers
WCR3237-733U Omni Heavy Duty Combo Magnetic Stripe ID Card Reader
$369.00 $236.50