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Oversized ID Cards

Big events or places with large crowds in open spaces are a huge challenge for security professionals. Security in these circumstances can be made more efficient with the use of oversized photo ID badges. These oversized ID cards are the perfect security tool for professional sports events, concerts, awards ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, airports, government ID cards, military ID badges and political conventions, as they can identify who are VIPs, athletes, artists, authorized personnel, featured speakers or audience members/ fans from a distance.

It can be hard to tell at a glance which people are authorized with access into certain areas, but oversized photo ID cards allow you to visually scan a crowd and see immediately who has proper credentials and access rights. Because oversized ID cards contain a larger surface area, they have room for larger and easier to see photos and graphics so busy security personnel can work more easily and efficiently at their jobs, keeping everyone safe.

Oversized ID cards are the professional’s choice for ticketing and accreditation purposes. They are easily noticed from a distance and have enough space for generic and individualized information such as an identification photograph, name, and note as to whether someone is an employee or guest, as well as room for graphics, advertising, maps or rules. Oversized ID cards are also commonly used for visas, passports and other secure documents because they are easy to recognize, but difficult to duplicate as there are few printers on the market with the ability to create this type of ID card.

Oversized ID cards are easier to see from a distance than regular CR-80 credit card-sized ID cards, and they are too big to be hidden in pockets or a wallet. For maximum security a custom ID card holographic overlaminates can be added to the card surface. Oversized ID cards are available in plastic PVC ID card stock.

IDSuperShop is happy to offer the following oversized ID card printers: