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Eco-Friendly ID Cards

Millions of PVC ID cards are used every day in a myriad of applications and industries including photo identification cards for student ID cards, employee ID cards, membership ID cards, hotel room key-cards, gift and loyalty cards, promotional cards, access cards, library ID cards, casino and gaming ID cards, and ATM cards. But PVC is a non-renewable petroleum-based resource, and so adversely affects the environment both in the manufacturing and disposal process.

IDSuperShop recognizes the harmful environmental effects of the production and use of PVC ID cards and has therefore chosen to feature eco-friendly ID card solutions as an alternative to traditional PVC ID cards. These eco-friendly ID card options include corn cards, biodegradable cards and recycled PVC cards.

Corn Cards are made from byproducts of US grown corn, a readily available renewable resource. They have the same look and feel as standard white PVC ID cards and feature the same level of quality and durability, but are manufactured with a substrate layer of corn material instead.

Regular PVC ID cards can remain structurally-intact for decades, having a negative impact on our landfills and therefore our environment. Eco-friendly biodegradable BioPVC cards are uniquely made to fully biodegrade within nine months to five years when exposed to a fertile environment where microorganisms are present such as in soil, compost, landfills, water, etc. and they leave behind no ecologically-damaging toxins once decomposed because microorganisms consume the plastic card until complete disintegration takes place. Eco-friendly BioPVC CR8030 cards perform as well as standard 100% PVC cards. They can get wet, be stored on a shelf or in a wallet, be printed on, or be UV-treated just like traditional PVC cards, and they absolutely will not biodegrade until they are placed in fertile environments such as compost, waterways, or places where other items are biodegrading.

IDSuperShop also offers 100% recycled PVC cards which have the appearance and feel of regular PVC cards, but are made from 100% recycled content, and therefore can be recycled through normal plastic recycling programs, a feature unique to this type of recycled  PVC card. Recycled PVC cards are available with HiCo Mag Stripes as well.

IDSuperShop’s eco-friendly line of ID cards work with all of our ID card printers including: