Proximity ID Cards

At IDSuperShop our focus is to offer you incredible prices, service and selection on ID card products, such as our Proximity ID Cards for your ID card system. Our entire selection of proximity ID cards are high quality and durable while still affordable in price. For personalized assistance give us a call, we offer excellent customer service! 877-943-7467

Proximity ID Cards
1326LSSMV-26H Clamshell Prox Cards, 26 bit Format: H10301
$4.95 $2.87
Magnetic Stripe ID Cards
1336LGGMN-26H HID DuoProx II PVC Cards with Mag Stripe , 26 Bit
$6.95 $4.98
Proximity ID Cards
1391 HID MicroProx Proximity Tags with Adhesive Back
$5.12 $3.70
Magnetic Stripe ID Cards
1536LGGMN-26H HID DuoProx II PET Cards w Magnetic stripe 100 count
$6.93 $5.28
Proximity ID Cards
1586LGGMN-26H HID ISO Prox II Composite Proximity Cards
$6.30 $4.49
Blank ID Cards
INDUSTRY STANDARD 1386LGGMN HID ISOProx Access Cards 100 count
$6.49 $4.24